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Logitech International S.A. ( LO-ji-tek; often shortened to Logi) is a Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals and software, with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and Newark, California. The company has offices throughout Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of input and interface devices for personal computers (PCs) and other digital programs.

Mr. Newman mentioned, "Another horror story about lousy customer service. I placed an order from Logitech for a web cam 10 days ago. So far all I have received is conformation the order was placed. I have attempted to speak to someone in their ordering dept but am forced to leave my number being duped into believing they will call me back. Its been 2 days and no call back. I called their corporate office in California and guess what, had to leave another "call me back" message. I wish I would have read all of the other encounters people have written about before I place an order. This company is horrible and deserves to go out of business."


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Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Logitech full-time for more than 3 years Cons: I was at Logitech for several years and it was just awful from start to finish. The environment is toxic and the managers are toxic and are bullies. Even if you go to HR, they won’t help. Even if many people go to HR saying they are being harassed by a manager, HR will not help. There are layoffs all the time and they don’t do mass layoff which require officially announcing them. They have small layoffs here and there which creates a really tense environment because there’s never an end to it and you never know when and if you’ll be out. Also, if you’re interviewing, if everyone in the group is fairly new, you’re in one of the toxic groups. Ask a lot of questions and ask why you haven’t met too many people on the team during your interview. This place won’t do much for your resume so don’t bother coming here unless you’re just really desperate. It was one of the worst experiences of my career."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Logitech full-time for more than 5 years Cons: - Minimal pay. May as well be minimum wage, and is likely going to be as of July 1st when the county minimum goes up unless things actually change. - Located in a very expensive city on the edge of the county. Options for commute are only to drive, which is hell if you're coming from anywhere East of Calabasas (which is most of Los Angeles). Enjoy driving an hour one-way in traffic. - Management is lacking, and has never been good at communication between departments or even to their direct employees. Can't tell you the last time I received any sort of positive feedback or a compliment, and annual reviews have always been given months late and are essentially a joke among staff. - The buildings are cheap and outdated, with lackluster air conditioning that breaks multiple times a year and an update in security is much needed."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Logitech full-time for more than a year Cons: Incompetent upper management that didn't grow along with the company."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Logitech full-time for more than a year Cons: Terrible management. Very toxic culture that relies on fear and deception rather than genuine communication. If they are unhappy with your performance, and it's usually personality based, they prefer to fire immediately rather than discuss performance shortfalls. Employee morale is low, and most feel very disrepected and taken advantage of. They used to allow more flexible schedules, but with the Logitech merger, they are moving away from this. Pay is very low for the amount of work and hours they expect."

BI Analyst says

"I have been working at Logitech Cons: There was zero accountability. My manager had three different bosses over the last year that resulted in much idleness for our team. I had little direction and work to do."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Logitech full-time for less than a year Cons: Senior management should care about their employees more. People have been asked to work overtime and weekends. No flexibility to work from home."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Logitech full-time for less than a year Cons: The work life balance is thing that seizes to exist in this company. They would request us to work during the weekend even though it was not of any urgency. We were not allowed to work from home (weekday/weekends included). The work culture in that team is that all the work needed to be done in the physical location and hence people left pretty much everyday after 8 p.m. The manager is highly inefficient in doing his job. He continues to give all the other teams, the time and freedom to continue booking journal entries but only crunch his own team to work harder without having any realistic sense of how things can take time. In fact, the CEO had announced that he wants to be connected only with his current employees but not through LinkedIn, they should reach out to him by email/phone call. Because they are no longer worthy of his time. This is a company, where one can learn on how not to be a bad manager/company and learn to respect its employees to say that it is perfectly fine for them to have a work-life balance. Do not join this team, if you have an health condition that needs a doctor's appointment even once a month. They have clearly stated that it disrupts the work and will consider you to be an efficient employee. I'm glad I no longer belong to this team."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Logitech full-time for more than a year Cons: This is the worst company I have ever worked for- and I came here from a company voted Worst Company in America two years in a row. Wholly incompetent leadership at the C-level that trickles down. I've heard it said that A-level people hire A-level people- but B and C level people hire C and D level people in order to feel superior to someone, and the latter is definitely the work culture here. A lot of rhetoric about "acting like a start-up"- an impossibility for a 30+ year old company, especially one that does not offer the benefits or perks of working for a start-up- at an offsite, we were told that we were all expected to work long hours and wear multiple hats (with no equity or other start-up benefits). Upper management in fact does not know what acting like a start up means: in a recent blog post from the CEO, he mentioned that from a recent momentum survey it seemed like a lot of people were confused about what that meant- and that at the leadership level THEY knew what it meant- but what did WE think it meant? This pretty transparently signaled that they didn't know- and were in fact crowdsourcing from their own employees for cues. We were recently moved to an awful open-office configuration, which the C-level seemed to spend more time on than fixing actual company problems. We were also fed the line that it was to make more collaboration possible- my team in fact got moved further away from each other in the new arrangement, whereas we'd been able to turn around and talk to each other when we were in cubes, we now could no longer even see each other. The open-office arrangement was actually a cost-cutting solution to get all employees into one building but fed to us as some sort of start-up culture garbage. I have also never worked anywhere where politics were as fully and awfully transparent. Many individuals are clearly only interested in their own advancement and perceived "power". I had to work with people who clearly did not have the skill-set or basic competence for their positions and ended up doing extra work to clean up after them- they had only been hired or promoted due to being some executive's pet as their only work skills appeared to be making an executive feel important. In addition, management frequently makes questionable and illogical decisions. Those who question these decisions with logic, metrics, or even common sense are moved to other business units, demoted, or laid off. The work hours are awful due to working with all regions across the world and being expected to conform to their schedules. It is not uncommon in one day to have a 6am meeting with Europe that you need to be in the office for, and an 8pm meeting with Asia, and to be called multiple times on the weekend in the middle of the night by Asia. Employees are very obviously extremely demotivated, depressed, and looking for new jobs. As I had always loved Logitech products before going to work there, it saddened me greatly to see the reality of how awful things actually were in the company. I only worked there a year and saw many great coworkers depart, and also 6 layoffs, many of which were conducted secretly and subversively, and not communicated out (in one meeting I mentioned a process may be slower due to someone being laid off two weeks ago, only to have almost everyone in the room express surprise- "No wonder he hasn't been replying to my emails!") Additionally, towards the end of my time there, I was told that I had been expected to have been doing a whole other completely different job that I did not even have an applicable skill-set or experience in, in addition to the job I was already doing despite the fact that it had never been communicated to me (and it was acknowledged that this was never communicated to me- apparently psychic powers are also something employees at Logitech are supposed to have). Thankfully this was around the time I already knew I had an offer from a better company coming- but if there ever was a nail in the coffin, that was it. I would never recommend anyone go work here. In fact, when I was leaving, a friend went to go interview here despite my advice to her not to (she was hoping a different business group would not have the same issues I was experiencing) and immediately afterward she told me I had been right, and that the dysfunction and toxicity of the work environment had been readily apparent from one on-site interview alone. I whole-heartedly do not recommend anyone go work here and hope that members of my team will all be successful in their current job-searches."

Current Employee - Director says

"I have been working at Logitech full-time for more than 10 years Cons: No leadership vision from company management. Widely regarded internally as an inevitably sinking ship. So the in-fighting has begun and the fun departed long ago."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Logitech full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Small minded senior execs, unable to see the big picture, too uneducated to understand basic market principals at the MBA level. Execs steal other employees ideas to label as own, and this is integrated into a unhealthy 'company culture'."

Customer service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Worst place i have ever worked in ! Management Don't care about there staff will work you into the ground. for very little remuneration. No career Advancement at all. Spoken down to like you are a child that knows nothing. when you make a mistake they take the initiative to then pull u into a meeting with Witness's to make it like a court hearing.They overburden you with Jobs that you cannot complete unless you do Overtime and then (Don't actually pay you for the overtime) Zero lunch breaks which they also dock you for (totally dishonest) Stay away from this Company Run by 2 ex Military servicemen that have no idea how to keep good staff they treat you as if your in boot camp!!! Cons: Stay away it will ruin you and your Career path"

Técnico en reparacion (Former Employee) says

"* mucha presión Cons: despiden a mucha gente sin justificación, no hay estabilidad"

asesor servicio al cliente Avantel (Former Employee) says

"Nunca cumplieron con los horarios de trabajo lo cual dificultaba la movilidad hacia mi hogar"

Lead Product Packaging Design Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The Grass is Greener at Other Companies. Logitech is one of those companies trying to rebrand it's self, but I would recommend more innovative companies."

Executive Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Everything about the culture is chaotic and extremely disorganized. It's an old school company that doesn't appreciate new ideas or ways to make the company more profitable. New ideas or ways to do things are not appreciated and completely dismissed. The HR department is the worst I have ever seen. Lack of HR is probably more accurate and finding someone to bring your HR concerns to is hard to find. At first it seemed like the dream job, but that only lasted until your first day, everything went downhill from there. Relocating to a job at Logitech was one of the worst decisions I have ever made. Promises were not kept and the dream job ended very quickly. Cons: Lack of training, poor management, old school idealogy"

SUPERVISORA DE TROPAS (Former Employee) says

"me desempeñaba en varios campos a la vez .es una empresa con un alto nivel de rotación de personal Cons: 15 minutos de algo"

vendedor lider punto de venta (Former Employee) says

"me pareció una empresa muy buena ya que contamos con un equipo de trabajo que daba el todo para sacar muchas ventas no tengo quejas de esta empresa los jefes muy buenas personas compañeros todos Cons: poco espacio para meriendas"

Customer Service Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Company has no management embedded within contract, difficult to contact management with contacted company dictating how and when we can perform company functions like attend meeting and expecting that time be made up with no pay. No overtime allowances even when working overtime to complete tasks. Cons: Bad Management, below average pay, little to no pay increases for promotions, no career progression path."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"A éviter. Cons: Sans éthique envers ses employés."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"The comments below were posted earlier this year on another job search site but have been updated with some minor grammatical edits. The essence of my original comments are the same. I also want to say that I have never posted anything close to the comments below. In fact I never posted anything negative about a company before, even if I did not necessarily think my experience with a company or position was a very good one. However, I feel very strongly about this particular experience that I feel the need to WARN future jobseekers of Logitech’s management culture."

almacenamiento (Former Employee) says

"calidad humana muy regular malos horarios turnos de mas de 12 horas semanales. Cons: horarios"

Sales & Marketting (Former Employee) says

"Tenacious from the start. Cons: Racism and discremination around the workplace"

Contract Video Associate Producer (Former Employee) says

"Everyone wanted to leave the company. EVERYONE. This says enough about the place. Underpaid and overworked. No on boarding process they just throw you in the fire and expect you to know everything or else you will get pulled aside daily as your managers and project managers will complain that they shouldn't have hired you (even though there was no training)."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Hire and Fire company if you aren't in upper management, then come in get your checks and then leave before you are made left. Cons: Management won't ever communicate with employees, and support is rarely provided"

Accounts Payable Staff Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Day starts with sorting mails and scanning invoices for processing leaving 2 hours of the workday to read through and respond to emails. Enjoyed working with the most number of experienced Professionals who understand what the job entails & help meet deadlines. Cons: No headcount for a full time position."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"No support from management."

Vmware Administrator (Contractual) says

"Productive and fun workplace Cons: no benefits, bad branch head"

Lead Man (Former Employee) says

"as first experienced this is the one that i learned from the basic up to the critical knowledge on my field of specialization where i begun to learn hands on experience different knowledge prior to my specialization Cons: seasonal job work"

Promotora de ventas (Former Employee) says

"no se da la información necesaria a los trabajadores para poder dar una correcta atención a los clientes, (falta capacitación) Cons: falta de comunicación e información"

Product Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Product technology lacking, tougher market competition and company goals unrealistic, lack of business direction. TEchnologies changes."

Thomas H. says

"Their trackball quit after 3 months use, they claim a 3 year warranty. I have been trying to replace it under the warranty, however they constantly delay honoring it. I have received email after email, try this, no good, ok try this no good. This has been going on for a couple of weeks, ad nauseum and thisKCN will be my last logitech product."

Max Autism says

"The person, that is in charge in this company, and responsible for the Logitech G-Hub, should be fired and subjected to water torture and never have another moment of convenience in their life. They have lost all right to a pleasant life, by making the life of anyone that ever bought a Logitech product miserable. What an absolute abomination this spaghetti code application is, an absolute nightmare."

Dinga Ling says

"Ordered a Logitech x52 pro HOTAS, which said it was in stock, as soon as I ordered the item they took payment even though the website says payment won’t be taken until dispatch, I now look at website and it says item out of stock, my order has not progressed further than the processing order step, it even hasn’t acknowledged them taking payment of which they have. Their a bunch of thieving criminals who are probably on their way into administration as support don’t even acknowledge your support tickets or calls, all you have to do is look at their reviews to see their is a big problem arising. To be honest I hope they do go bust as the way they are treating customers is beyond a joke. I have now had to claim my money back via my credit card."

Dylan Duffy says

"Shocking customer service, we supply Logitech to all of our staff and this clearly means nothing. We will be swapping to another supplier."

Cynthia says

"Horrible customer service! I ordered a streaming webcam for my son with expedited shipping to get it just in time for Christmas. I go to open the box to wrap it up and they sent me a mouse!!!! It took 2 weeks for them to “investigate” if ups dropped off the wrong package. Uhhhh, It’s obvious it was a company error!!! The box and invoice had all my info but with the wrong item! I keep getting different emails with different steps which is all just too confusing ! What more do you need?!! Latest email I received was for a warranty replacement and in order to do that I have to take a picture of the serial code on the actual item not the box... WHAT??? I never received the correct item !"

Brudas Man says

"z906 complete trash bought it december one speaker blown without even once using it at max volume. they said theyll send another but the didnt. no christmass presents okay. now im waiting for the refund for this trash that lost all my time . and also the review in amazon are rigged im stupid i didnt check here before buying this trash"

Digital Donovin says

"I had ordered a a g602 in Jan of 2020. In march, just two months later, my left primary had started double clicking randomly and my middle mouse click just completely stopped working. I had successfully completed an RMA. However, due to the G602 being out of stock, they sent me a g604. That was awesome, a free upgrade, but again just a few months later. Left button is rapid clicking at random. Up to an average of 20 clicks per one click of my finger. Logitech has been slow in their responses for this RMA but after a replacement was sent out, it was lost in the mail. After contacting them once again, they have said they are moving on to the next step of support and have not responded in over a week. I am using an old g300s as a temp mouse. Gaming with the g604 is such a chore with how unreliable it is in games now. Horrible experience."

D. says

"In the past few years the quality of Logitech products has dipped significantly. They now make trash products out of cheap materials and even cheaper electronics, while charging premium prices just because they can. I always bought Logitech, but it's time to look elsewhere because I can't support a company that has become so full of itself and detached from reality."

Oscar Davison says

"I cant normally be bothered to review companies but i have experienced logitechs customer support service over the past few months and its a full on nightmare. I have to remind them along every step at least once or nothing will happen. Finding a place to contact them is so difficult and has changed again, cannot see where I can simply email them. Live chat had no one around. Shipping label took weeks to come through after reminders. Refund hasnt come through yet, presume forgotten again, customer support system has now changed and the email I was using is no longer a thing. Ordered through paypal and consequently had no way of accessing my order. They are desperate for you not to contact their customer support and to make it as awkward as physically possible. I was so suprised because their products are usually amazing - how can the customer support be so terrible..."

Bryan Foulger says

"Like many others I have suffered at the hands of Logitech Support, or lack of. I tend to give businesses the benefit of doubt, I recognise products suffer faults from time to time, the test of a business is how they deal with that and rectify the problem. Logitech clearly have no interest in offering support down the line, from a stupidly complicated process of actually getting to raise a ticket, forced disconnections, message bots sending you round in constant circles, to the final absence of any response to your ticket. I bought a plus £100 keyboard, keys stopped working, across all connected devices, so clearly a software fault on the keyboard. Won't buy Logitech again, don't value customers, presumably make enough profit not to worry about it."

Kevin says

"Never could get camera to work right. Even after they grudgingly sent a replacement. It would work for a little while and stop. I kept trying to get it to work and gave up on it. I just remembered it is still up, so took it down and threw it in the trash. Worthless, worthless product."

James says

"I ordered a keyboard in December. I received nothing other than an initial order confirmation. After a few weeks I started to get worried that I hadn't heard anything and checked my Logitech account. The order was not visible (I was definitely logged in when I ordered). I contacted support and a few days later received a password reset e-mail with no context as to why. A few days after that I was contacted by support to tell me there was a problem with my order and it would be dispatched when it was ready. When I queried what the problem was and when it would be dispatched I was told they didn't know and "thankyou for being a valued customer" In the end, I cancelled my order and got the keyboard from another retailer with next-day delivery. Logitech's back-end systems are poor and unreliable. Their support are disinterested, slow and ineffective and their tone dealing with customers is immensely patronising. I won't be ordering direct from them again"

Chris says

"Defective mouse, double clicking on left mouse button after no more than a year. Logitech support when you are out of warranty is a joke."

Shaun Powers says

"My brother placed an order for a mouse through these people without my permission. I caught the charge and contacted then IMMEDIATLY on the same day. I was told they would put my cancellation through, but it may not happen because they may have already sent it. 2 weeks later, yes you read that right, 2 weeks later, I am told the order has shipped and cancellation will not be an option. This is a multi billion dollar company, these kinds of issues are absolutely unacceptable. I will be contacting my bank for a charge back. DO BETTER LOGITECH."

customer says

"so fkin trash, returned a mouse been over 2 months and still nothing these guys are just stupid"

sher niz says

"Great product, absolutely zero support. no order tracking, no order shipment. no answer when you call or create a ticket."

Clive kersey says

"Flight simulator yolk/control panel incompatible with Flight simulator 2020 , no 64b drivers available .DO NOT BUY AS THEY WILL NOT WORK and it is pointless contacting Logitech as THEY WILL NOT RESOLVE FOR YOU, you will find yourself in an eternal loop ."

Blue says

"You would think buying directly off their website, the products would be checked for quality control and accessories before being shipped out. Boy was I wrong. Bought a G910 for myself and the K360 wireless for my partner. They forgot to pack/include the most important piece of equipement for a wireless keyboard. The Unifying Receiver was missing. Luckily I owned one from a previous wireless peripheral of theirs. The biggest problem was contacting Logitech for a Unifying Receiver they forgot to pack/include. Their CSR answered with the most annoying, rudest assumption, "I'm sorry YOU LOST the Unifying Receiver, I'm am happy I can help with that. please click the following link to purchase a replacement Unifying Receiver"??? I specifically worded my request along with a picture to show the original seals on the box, the serial number and my finger pointing to the empty Unify Receiver holder. But they answered with, "I'm sorry you lost the..."... I replied back, "honey I didn't lose anything, you guys never put it in the box"... and back and forth for weeks afterwards she finally adds: "Please include your original proof of purchase (not a screen shot), serial number and part number". My original picture included the box, serial numbers and all appropriate info already. Why log into our accounts and from our own product registration page have a help link which links the product we own to the help window so the appropriate info gets added to the conversation which it was. But clueless had me repeating myself and including resending information and pictures I already uploaded all over again because they could not be bothered to scroll back up and look at it again. Serious, are you guys kidding me?"

Terrence Pennington says

"I own a Logitech k350, which I bought a few years ago. Over time the keys began sticking, but besides that, I really liked the product. Last week I ordered a Logitech MK570, which looks EXACTLY like the k350, but of course, it is the latest model. I received the product, unboxed it, and while I was inserting the batteries in the back, much to my surprise, Amazon had shipped me a K350 but had charged me for the MK570. I looked at the box it came in and saw that they had shipped me a K350 in a MK 570 box. I thought it was a fluke. So I called CS, they apologized, and made arrangements for a replacement, which I received today. I unboxed it and low and behold I received another K350 in MK570 packaging. I don't really write a lot of negative reviews, but I can't help but think that in today's profit-minded world and with no conscience or moral compass, that Logitec and Amazon are packing and shipping thousands of surplus K350s in MK570 clothing, at the MK570 price, betting that there is a large percentage of buyers who would never notice the difference because the two models look exactly alike. I still needed a keyboard, so I went to Office Depot and bought a MK 550. When I got it home I opened the box which read MK550, and low and behold, ANOTHER K350. I really need the keyboard so I kept it. I will never buy another!! So this is YOUR warning, BUYER BEWARE!!! Check your product when you receive it to make sure you got what you paid for, cause chances are you didn't."

SpeedyPaul says

"Logitech used to be a good brand, but now it's just another corporate-run overpriced subpar product seller."

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